Manel Nogueron, CEO de Ethika Global Consulting – Entrevista parte 4

Entrevista a Manel Nogueron Resalt, fundador y director de Ethika Global Consulting.

Ethika Global Consulting fue fundada en junio de 2014 por Manuel Nogueron Resalt con el fin de proporcionar servicios de asesoría financiera a inversores corporativos y particulares. El equipo de Ethika cuenta con 11 años de experiencia desde 2006 en operaciones en el mercado de divisas extranjeras. Tras operar en el mercado de divisas extranjeras y tras ser testigos de la creciente complejidad de los productos que se ofrecen, hemos decidido volver a la simple búsqueda del valor de mercado.

El objetivo de Ethika Global Consulting es identificar esas oportunidades de inversión que mejor se adaptan al perfil de riesgo y a las expectativas de inversión de cada uno de nuestros clientes con el fin de proporcionar rendimientos de riesgos ajustados y atractivos.


– Cuando se crea una cuenta con Ethika Global Consulting ¿se asigna un broker y unos servicios de atención al cliente?

– ¿Qué volumen de negocio tiene Ethika Global Consulting? ¿Cuánto dinero mueve?

– ¿Qué previsiones tiene Ethika Global Consulting para el año que viene?

– ¿Hay intenciones de expandirse a nivel internacional?

– ¿Manel Nogueron, pensáis en posibles inversiones en nuevas oficinas?

– ¿Qué objetivos a cumplir tiene Ethika Global Consulting para el futuro?

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Ethika Global Consulting consolida el seu creixement i factura un 226% més

La firma va moure més de 9.000 milions en operacions financeres el 2015

Ethika Global Consulting, especialitzada en gestió de comptes dins el mercat de divises, ha consolidat la seva línia de creixement durant 2015 en aconseguir un 226% més en facturació respecte a l’exercici anterior, mantenint així una tendència a l’alça.

   En un comunicat, la companyia ha situat com a claus d’aquesta evolució l’increment de la cartera de clients i de la inversió feta; el 2015 la firma ha operat més de 9.000 milions d’euros en compres i vendes, cosa que representa una operativa pròxima als 820 milions d’euros mensuals durant l’any.

   Per al director i fundador de la firma, Manel Noguerón Resalt, 2015 ha estat un “any decisiu” en l’evolució de la companyia, a l’autorització de la CNMV, i pel començament de l’expansió internacional, que han donat una altra dimensió a l’empresa i li ha permès créixer.

   “Esperem mantenir aquest nivell d’operacions i incrementar-lo un 100% durant el 2016 a causa de l’entrada un altre cop capital i al desenvolupament de tot el nostre equip de ‘trading'”, ha avançat Noguerón.

   Durant l’any passat la companyia es va inscriure en el registre de la Comissió Nacional del Mercat de Valors (CNMV) i ha iniciat els tràmits per a la creació d’un broker de divises amb seu a Londres, que li permetrà operar en Forex.

   Ethika Global Consulting ( té oficines a Barcelona i ofereix models de ‘trading’ creats per la firma que permeten operar al mercat de divises de manera controlada gràcies a la diversificació del patrimoni del client.

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What is Ethika Global Consulting? Manuel Nogueron

What is Ethika Global Consulting?

Manuel Nogueron Resalt: Ethika Global Consulting is a company specialized in the management of accounts within the foreign exchange market, exclusively.

When and how was the company born?

Manuel Nogueron Resalt: The company was founded in 2004 by myself (with the interest of providing investment services). After a career in different financial institutions, we noticed that the currency market is more pure and more real. This leads to more control over the different operations that you can do in the markets. We started to work doing trading with Forex markets, developing our own models and looking for profitability when it appeared. Companies that today are managed by different large corporations might be influenced by the people who run them. However, the currency markets are so vast that there is nobody who can control them. Of course, Central Banks and economic data, but in fact it is the market which we consider more pure.

Can you explain us your career?

Manuel Nogueron Resalt: I studied Administration and Business Management at the University of South Carolina. I did several courses and postgraduate courses in asset management, and also on technical and fundamental analysis. The idea has always been to work with the evolution of prices, which few people do in this sector. Analyze what actually happens in the market, i.e., patterns which are given if we consider what happens at the level of technical analysis and macro-economic level. It’s a mixture of both.

Where are the offices of Ethika Global Consulting?

Manuel Nogueron Resalt: We have offices in Barcelona, where our headquarters are located, where everything happens. We also have in London and an office in Madrid where we serve customers in those geographical areas.

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Ethika Global Consulting – What types of products do you offer to your customers?

What types of products do you offer to your customers?

Manuel Nogueron Resalt: Ethika Global Consulting does not offer products. Our job is to provide a service to our customer. The service is an account that the customer opens and we manage. The currency market is the most complex, technical and highly liquid in the world. It’s very difficult that a person without specific training can access it; he can lose money very quickly. Through our management models, we try to help our customers so this doesn’t happen and make him earn a good profit.

Is Forex a high risk investment?

Manuel Nogueron Resalt: Any investment is a risk, if one enters a price and wants to go out at a lower price. The currency market has a particularity: it uses leverage. What does this mean? That you can deposit €100,000 in an account and actually go out of the market for 200K, 500K, 1M, depending on the leverage you use. If the leverage which is used is not appropriate, the risk is very high. Then, when a movement in market has been of a 0.10, depending on the leverage you have used you can be a 5%, 10%, or 80%. It’s risky because leverage exists and at the same time it is risky because it’s a very liquid market where there is always a counterpart and that generates a high volatility.

Do you diversify your investment strategy?

Manuel Nogueron Resalt: Through different models, we do not work with a single model, we have different models, and we apply them to the markets. We are not doing an investment only on a market or in a specific currency. There are different strategies, which all of them combined, allows us obtain a ratio/profitability risk that is attractive for our clients.

Do you present Ethika Global Consulting as an alternative to deposits, funds, etc.?

Manuel Nogueron Resalt: In fact we are not an alternative investment; we are the alternative to investment. I shall give you an example: an investor has a portfolio of products because the “financial law” obliges him/her to diversify. You have to have a part that is in liquidity, another part in fixed income, and another part in equities… everyone diversifies its portfolio in order to minimize risk. The currency market is another market. It’s better or worse than the equity or fixed-income? It’s just a different one.

When the client begins to have experience with Ethika Global Consulting and they realize that every day they can watch what happens with their money. They realize there’s no dark screen; they can see what’s happening with their money, and can see the daily prices and have immediate liquidity at all times …. Then, why not invest all my money here? It wouldn’t be correct, any financial adviser would accept it, but you could do it perfectly. Diversification is already in the same market.

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Which are the competitors of Ethika Global Consulting?

Which are the competitors of Ethika Global Consulting?

  • 1. They are models developed by the trading team of Ethika Global Consulting and are based primarily on the price formation. In other words, we try to detect behaviors and patterns that are repeated and are constantly valid. Through them we apply something really important that’s called rage management. It means to where we are prepared to loose, and all of that you combine it between different models so that profitability of the customer is attractive, more than other risk- free products with more risk. A level of risk acceptable by our clients.

STRATEGIC CURRENCY MANAGEMENT Explain the models of trading that you offer:

  • 2. It’s important to take into account that we are a company regulated in London and we have recently received authorization from CNMV through our partner, which is Kession Capital. We don’t have competitors in Spain (as far we know) because there are no companies that do it this way. You can also find operators or individual traders who can manage an account or a financial institution that can have a trading Department. But no financial institution offers an account management service directly in a professional and in a regulated way.

STRATEGIC CURRENCY MANAGEMENT Which are the competitors of Ethika Global Consulting?

  • 3. Forex is a high risk investment. There are different factors that can generate capital losses, either by management or because the market is very volatile. We can have different examples. Someone who has a limited capital can’t invest in something we are telling him that it’s a high risk. Therefore, our customer profile is someone who has a high investment capacity (we also demand a minimum to open account) and therefore the person making investment with us has to have a high investment capacity because there is risk. We would be considered as a risky investment. Therefore, you can’t have all your capital starting with us. Our customer profile is one with a high investment capacity.

STRATEGIC CURRENCY MANAGEMENT What kind of clients do you address to?

  • 4. Our clients are private individuals or companies that usually invest at a certain level. The customer can invest in a private or company level. We also have some international clients, in United Kingdom above all. And the profile is high level investment. We do not have any governmental or non-governmental institution as clients. We work only for individual clients.

STRATEGIC CURRENCY MANAGEMENT You deal with customers such as Governments and institutions?

  • 5. The account is opened in London, through our broker and you deposit the money in the depositary bank, which in this case is Barclays Bank. The customer gives us their documents, ID, passport, residence and a signature with us, of Authority, which is a power of action, whereby the customer authorizes us to make deposits into your account. This procedure lasts one day. The broker back in our office checks that all the documents are in order and thereafter our customer deposits the money so we can start working with it.

STRATEGIC CURRENCY MANAGEMENT What are the steps for start trading with Ethika Global Consulting?

  • 6. I would not be able to guarantee, perhaps we do very well tomorrow and we win 50% and perhaps we do it badly and loose 10%, I can’t tell you exactly. Surely you’ve heard it many times: “Historical returns do not guarantee future results” Investment in Forex, as they use leverage, they obtain a certain boost. Generally the risk/return ratio tends to compensate the customer, you take a risk but the return you get is better than in other investment profiles but how much, I can’t tell…

STRATEGIC CURRENCY MANAGEMENT How much profit can a client obtain by operating with Ethika Global Consulting?

  • 7. Our investment is actually a liquid investment. Customer can close his investment right now or tomorrow. What happens is that we are constantly operating and it’s possible that if the client decides to withdraw his investment tomorrow you have open positions and that generates a floating in the market. If the client has a reward closing the operation in that moment for take back his money (because it’s more urgent) than waiting until the operation closes, then he can close it. The operation is immediately liquid.

STRATEGIC CURRENCY MANAGEMENT How long has to wait the client to get back his/her capital?

  • 8. Depending on where each person lives he will be subject to the tax in that country, that is, the country of residence. Here in Spain you would have to pay the tax to each income.

STRATEGIC CURRENCY MANAGEMENT What kind of taxation applies to withdraw money?

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When you create an account with Ethika Global Consulting, is there a broker?

When you create an account with Ethika Global Consulting, is there a broker and services assigned to the customer?

Manuel Nogueron Resalt: The client does not open with us, we are the managers. Customer opens the account with the broker and the broker with the Bank depositary. The customer has always personalized attention because the person, who has contacted him from Ethika Global Consulting, always can attend you from his mobile phone. But at the same time the broker has a service back office 24 h where you could make any questions at any time about anything you don’t understand. At the same time, the customer has an application on his mobile phone or computer where you can see 24 h a day what is happening with their money in a transparent manner, always.

What volume of business does Ethika Global Consulting have? How much money does the company move?

Manuel Nogueron Resalt: Depends on the months because there are months that we can do more business or less, but we are among the 1,500 and 2, 000 M€ in operations per month.

What forecasts have you got for next year?

Manuel Nogueron Resalt: We have an expansion plan through our network and we hope to double our capital in the next year and would double our turnover and operating at the market level.

There are intentions of making an international expansion?

Manuel Nogueron Resalt: Right now we are in process to open our own broker in London, which would allow us to have amplitude for access customers around the world. We also have some collaborative project in Asia but it is still in the beginning stages. But the idea is above all to develop this own broker where we will start to have much more control over the market and we will not have geographical limits.

Do you think on possible investments in new offices of Ethika Global Consulting?

Manuel Nogueron Resalt: Right now we have offices in Barcelona and Madrid, where we have a tiny office that’s only to serve our customers, and the idea in the future would be to have a larger representation at our office in Madrid, but at the international level, apart from what we have in London, we don’t have any intention of doing more things.

Objectives for the future?

Manuel Nogueron Resalt: There are many dreams. We would like to create the first fund which will operate in foreign-exchange trading in the market. We have started to work on it but it’s complicated and we need the market to develop more in some geographical areas. And there are some more additional dreams of creating a club of Ethika Global Consulting where we would have headquarters, a small office, where our partners could meet and explain or comment between each other, including positions that are on the market. A kind of club where to talk about currency, but these are dreams still, maybe in the future we can achieve this.

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